Zahir, a beautiful word with connotations so wide and poetic. It is an expression of soul, obvious nakedness of nature, passion and dedication of one person, and that is what Zahir is all about.

The journey was not born overnight, but always seeded deep within as an idea for the love of nature, curvy roads, adventurous terrains, bonding with upper Himalayas and their culture. Our passion for exploring the unexplored, coupled with thrill and adventure, runs deep within our blood, thus appreciating the mesmerizing beauty of Himalayas with every traveller who seeks more meaningful experiences beyond just holidays.

Zahir is owned and run by Reema Jain, an ex-Indian Air Force (IAF) – A passionate businesswomen, who is in love with extreme adventure. Zahir Adventure Expedition Pvt. Ltd. was established on 07 December 2011, with an aim to provide memorable experiences for travellers visiting the Himalayas.

Teenegars runnung



The Gonbo Rangjon is a solitary, sky high peak, towering at a height of 17,450 ft. Considered as the sacred peak, God’s mountain and is prayed by the Zanskari Buddhists. The stunning Peak starts appearing moment we approach Kurgaik, yet another high-altitude village. Driving through High passes, rough terrains, crossing river streams, high altitude villages, monasteries with calmness and chanting of prayers by the monks , filled with incredible landscape and stories , we found our expedition route to explore this enchanting Valley . Join us to get reverse through places that will take you back in time and some that will take your breath away.


“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” By Jawaharlal Nehru.

There is no such thing as luxury travel; travel itself is a luxury and a privilege that many are fortunate to enjoy.

Zahir Adventure & Expeditions Private Limited is an outcome of one such privilege. As an extensive solo traveller on wheels, coming from a family devoted to serving the hospitality industry, at a very young age I was encouraged to be independent and lead a path into the unknown.

My career in Airforce made me strong, fearless and extremely adventurous. While driving and riding through Himalayan terrain, I fell in love with this terrain and the challenges attached with it. It gave me a new purpose to life and encouraged me to show people the right way to enjoy any road expedition. Having the right expertise of leading a team it encouraged me to explore the interiors of Himalayas, show my guests the culture and lifestyle to survive at high altitude, provide with all necessary services, and more importantly keeping the safety and security of my guests providing them a unique and memorable experience from their holiday.

Being an avid adventure lover, roads and mountains attracted me. The bewilderment of being lost in middle of nowhere, coming out of the comfort zone, taking breaks in the middle of scenic points, making hot cup of soup/ tea/ coffee overlooking the giant mountains, clicking photographs and indulging into small activities with guests transformed into a great sense of accomplishment.

My aim has always been to provide a memorable experience to my guests, be it with family or friends. it is paramount that my guests have a unique experience with nature at its best and enjoy a memorable time, get to explore the unseen, untravelled roads across Himalayas.

So, hop on and experience your inner freedom with Zahir. Drop an email or call me directly to design and plan your expedition on wheels.

Yours Sincerely, Reema Jain (Ex-Airforce)
Co-founder & Director,
Zahir Adventure Expedition Pvt. Ltd.