Our Cottages & Rooms

Tariff Plans

Take a look as we tour you through our fantabulous rooms and plans for that amazing stay. All prices shown are for EP (European Plan) is the lowest tariff in our rate card simply because it includes only room rent and no meals. This gives you the option of trying local cuisine. You always have the option of paying and having food at the cottage.

Swiss Luxury Tent

Say hello to comfortable duvet and soft and mushy bed, with windows that open straight to snowclad peeks. Just pour out a hot cup of tea/coffee, open your favourite book, and spend a quiet day, if you wish some quality ‘me’ time.

  • Continental Plan (with Breakfast): ₹6500 + GST / night
  • Modified American Plan (with Breakfast and Dinner): ₹ 7,500 + GST / night
  • With All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner): ₹ 8,500 + GST / night

₹ 6000 + GST

for 2 guests
  • EP (European Plan) - Room Only

WoodVilla (Coming Soon)

Cozy and comfy, this one is for a stay which is long and with your loved ones, friends or family. The warm and cushiony comfort of the room, plus the antiquities that interior presents, will make you fall in love with it, and stay for long.

  • Continental Plan (with Breakfast): ₹ 0 / night
  • Modified American Plan (with Breakfast & Dinner): ₹ 0 / night

₹ 0

for 4 guests
  • EP (European Plan) - Room Only

Kath-kuni Stay

The chance to experience & taste infinite peace in this cozy wooden home.The antique furnishings take you back to the era of old, albeit with all the modern facilities.Perfect for group of 4, this cottage will give you the serenity you crave.

  • With All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

₹ 20,000 + GST

for 2-4 guests