About Zahir Woods

Zahir, a beautiful word with connotations so wide and poetic. It is an expression of soul, the obvious nakedness of the character, the inherent nature bared, and that is what Zahir Woods is all about, making you one with the purity and soulfulness of nature’s gorgeousness, nestled in the ethereal beauty of hills. A place that is here to give you an experience so rich that it will wash away the stress of your urbane life, bathing you in the innate love of hills and fantasy that these caricatures of nature’s bounty behold.

Welcome to the exotic destination that abounds in the densest forests, lush green valley, peculiar species of flora & fauna. There is a sense of profoundness that awaits you, from hunting for morel mushroom to catching a glimpse of a leopard & the shy natured flying squirrels.

You will not ravish the beauty of creation with your eyes but experience it too its depth & core.

Our Property

Zahir Woods are spread over a wide expanse, surrounded by deodar forest to enthroll you. We do not believe in constricting spaces that are the same everywhere, instead, we make our space one with nature and environment. New, not strange, and seeping out the tiring bugs that have bogged your mind and soul.

Each space is a fine blend of rustic, earthy & traditional fineries. Each swiss luxury tent have seprate veranda to give you creative time, pondering in solace and quietness with open view of valley & snowclad peeks. Zahir woods is furnished with as much love, with well chosen furnitures & antique collection & souvenir. Aroma of freshly baked breads , Cookies, muffins & much more takes you to the rainbow of flavours.

Trust us, once here, you would not want to go back to hustling buzz of city.

Our Mission

We don’t believe in giving you holiday plans. Instead, we are firm believers of being a part of your fond memories. Emotions are what we crave for, and what we desire to enhance whenever you come to us for a time that you wish to remember. We combine the crispy coolness of the weather, and warm pliancy of streams and springs, with lushness of fruity and green trees, to give you a time of a lifetime.

From tours that expel the darkness within and wash it off to reveal the pureness of soul, as you search your being, to visiting places and trekking that makes you question and love your strength. We want you to discover the most gorgeous places that the country has to offer, and discover yourself, and your relations, in the process. Be it a solo expedition, or a tour with friends or family, we believe in making memories, not social media posts.

Come to Zahir Cottages, and experience a stay of a lifetime.